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Congratulations to James "JT" Thomas, who represented the SGVFOA in the State Regional Finals and who will also be representing us in the State Finals this weekend! Check out our playoffs page for more details.

2017 Playoffs List

The 2017 playoffs list has been posted. Congratulations to those officials who earned a spot on the list. Please remember that making the list is an honor and is not a guarantee of actually being assigned to a playoff game.


2016 Finals

The 2016 playoff finals assignments have been posted to our playoffs page. Congratulations to all who are working!



Semifinal playoff assignment have been posted on our 2016 Playoffs page! Congratulations to all of those who will be working, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Quarterfinal Playoff Assignments

Quarterfinal assignments have been posted here!


1st Round Playoffs

The first round playoffs schedule has been posted here. Congratulations to all who are working. You've worked hard this season and deserve it! Let's get out there and support our officials! Good luck!


2016 Playoff List

The 2016 playoffs list is now up. Congratulations to all who made the list! Click here to see it.


Further Congratulations!

Further congratulations to Joe Conte, Jr., who worked theĀ 3rd round FCS playoff game between Northern Iowa and North Dakota State on December 12.

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