Here you will be able to find information and materials from the Instructional Chairman.

CFOA Newsletters


  • 11/2/2016: Clean hands, “crunch time”, preparation, fumbles, deep sides progression.
  • 10/3/2016: Reading and reacting, slowing down, film study, being a “smooth operator”, holding, coach-official communication.
  • 9/7/2016: “Cleaning up”, dead ball hits, holding, sideline control, counting
  • 8/5/2016: Professional behavior, dead ball officiating, whistle control, speaking with coaches, officiating philosophy, pass interference, on-field conflict.
  • 7/13/2016: Welcome; study guide dedication; the little things; “Compartmentalize”; free blocking zone; solid officiating; retaining officials.


  • 10/5/15: Late hits, de-escalating conflict, frustrated coaches, misconceptions, plays that cause crew problems, and “When the Game is Over”
  • 9/30/15: Errors in judgement, authorized conferences, penalties and enforcements, penalty flag trivia, “Five Referees”; 2015 CFOA Honoree
  • 9/9/15: Confidence and preparation; types of fouls; heat/humidity; officiating pride; penalty enforcement; moving/spotting the ball
  • 8/28/15: Downfield contact; distance/angles/; equipment; kicker/runner, sideline consistency
  • 8/24/15: Correcting a down, force, “Ten Commandments of Officiating”, “Why We Officiate”, pace, free-blocking zone, and pre-snap routine
  • 7/29/15: Risk minimization, use of the whistle, rule changes, working with head coaches, and “The Seven C’s of Officiating”