2020 Study Guide

Well, although the upcoming season is in doubt, we do have the 2020 Study Guide available to us now to keep our minds on football. The “Camp Oxy Wednesdays” Zoom meetings will be utilizing the study guide, so please download it so you can have it ready for discussion if you are joining those meetings.

Totally Recovered. I think.

Ok. I’m pretty sure I have everything back up, bigger, faster, stronger than it was before–except for the 2018 playoffs; that I’ve lost. But, if you happen to come across any broken links or are looking for something that you can’t find, or if you have additional information that I can add to the site, please let me know so I can fix it. You can send me an email to webmaster(at)sgvfoa.com.

Almost Recovered

Alright, I’ve recreated most of the website. There are odds and ends here and there that still need to be created or updated, and I need to pretty it up a bit and make it a bit smoother, but the near catastrophe has been avoided.

Good News!

OK, although I accidentally deleted the old site, I was able to do an Internet archive search and found archived versions of all the pages. So, luckily, the only bit of our old information that was lost was information on the 2018 playoffs. That should be easy enough to find.

I was hoping to keep the old site up until the new one was up and running, but at least it’s not all lost!

Camp Oxy 2018

Elevate your officiating skills in a program like no other. Camp Oxy will provide you with on-the-field officiating work under the direct supervision of an on-the-field instructor. Instructors will come from all over Southern California to help hone your skills in NFHS five-man mechanics.